Networking: Laying the foundation

When speaking to job search groups about networking, I always start by drawing a logo on the board and asking one or two participants to tell me what that brand represents to them.  I usually use the Nike swoosh – it a global brand icon.  Through this exercise, I have found that the area where most spend the least time is crafting their personal brand.

Before hitting the pavement and kicking your job search into high gear, take some time to discover and create your personal brand.  Ask yourself where you excel, what environments have you flourished in and most important, where you see yourself adding value in the future.  Reach out to a few colleagues and ask them the same questions (about you).  These individuals should have previously shown a genuine interest in your personal and professional growth and experienced some level of success themselves.  Treat this process as though you are the founding executive at The Home Depot discussing and finalizing the brand message, products and target audience.  It’s important to determine what separates you from others in the marketplace, brand value and the size and scope of organizations that best align with your brand before kicking off your job search.  Take some time for self-discovery.

Creating your personal brand lays the foundation for your job search and career progression.  It sets the tone for all interactions and phases of your career.

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