ATS Driving You Crazy?

Did you start the new year off with a renewed sense of what Talent Acquisition professionals contribute to society?  I did!  Every New Year I feel more confirmation that I am in the right field doing exactly what I love to do.  Then, I come back to work, start up my PC and think about the progression in thought leadership in our field overall, yet the lack of innovation as it relates to the tools we use that should allow for more time to focus on the meat and potatoes of recruiting.

Most companies and recruiters are happy with their Applicant Tracking Systems overall – it allows the company to store and track data.  It also organizes the information and spits out shiny reports.  The ATS is a vital part of the great work we do.  While most of us love our ATS, we also love to hate it or wish it had this functionality or that functionality.  Today, I like my ATS but I sit and reflect on tweaks that could enhance it for the masses.

Our firm uses Sendouts and while we don’t use all of the functionality, we use the meat of it.  They have managed to do a good job of integrating basic Social Recruiting but the candidate search function could use a facelift.  I am by no means a Glen Cathey (Boolean Black Belt), heck I’m not even a green belt at Boolean.  I just want to find the data I need using the terms I know and quickly.  The keyword search revolution is over and I’m anxiously awaiting the new revolution – standard built in intelligent search.  I had not really seen a system that could provide accurate data using layman’s terms until updated their search capability to 6Sense technology.  I had an opportunity to catch up with their VP of Product Management, Javid Muhammedali and through discussion and several follow up questions I think they have found the ‘secret sauce.’  They listened and came back with the technology recruiters are looking for.  Monster’s SeeMore Recruiting platform gives even the most inept Boolean user a fast and user-friendly interface that is ideal for focusing on finding great talent that’s likely hiding deep down in your ATS.  The gold that I wrote about in this previous post.  Frankly, it’s something so game-changing that it’s at the forefront of the intelligent search revolution.

Let’s face it, there are a million seminars, training sessions and webinars that we can attend as TA professionals.  At the end of the day, I want to be able to focus on finding amazing talent and recruiting them to my organization’s client companies.  I was not destined to be in this great profession to figure out the latest X-Ray search string, boolean logic or the 10 million ways I can search for an engineer using words besides engineer.  Recruiting compliance, employment law updates, jobs report trends and overall efficiencies – yes!  Needless to say, this is the very reason my ATS is driving me crazy.

I absolutely love my job, I have known that I was born to be in this field since I was a teenager.  Now, let’s continue to push the envelope, get the right people on the right bus and make all of our lives easier and most importantly, efficient.

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01 2013

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    Hey Teela! I enjoyed this post – I too think that Monster’s Seemore is super cool and what we’ve always wanted. :) Our firm uses Sendouts too but we’re starting to review other ATSs now that Sendouts has been acquired by Bullhorn. Are you all planning to stay with your Sendouts/Bullhorn? Or look else where? If so what sorts of ATSs are you looking at?

    • Teela Jackson #

      Hey Megan – Thanks for your note. Right now, Sendouts (in its current state) works well for us. We are open to other systems and have not narrowed a final list of systems to review yet. Have you ever looked at Bullhorn’s system? It’s actually pretty cool, but not as solid functionally as Sendouts for our firm. When we reviewed systems about 8 years ago, Sendouts and MaxHire were our top 2 choices…now they’re both moving over to Bullhorn. We’ll stay tuned while keeping our options open.

      • 3

        We have reviewed Bullhorn’s system – we did back before we switched to Sendouts. We were blown away by the solid system of Sendouts & their amazing customer service, something we felt was lacking with Bullhorn. We’re currently in the middle of reviewing other ATSs which is why I was curious. Thanks for replying!

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