SHRM13: Keep Calm and Forge Ahead

HR Conferences are a great way to learn, grow, get informed about the latest employment law related updates, network with fellow HR professionals and get a general idea of where HR is headed.  Chris Havrilla and I were honored to attend the SHRM Annual Conference in Chicago as members of the Press Team.  The best way to sum up this year’s conference is Keep Calm and Forge Ahead.

There was an amazingly calming feeling at this year’s Annual Conference.  I had an opportunity to discuss this with Rayanne Thorn in the Dice Blogger’s Lounge during the conference.  For the first time in many years, the HR profession was serving up a large helping of confidence.  There was less talk about the seat at the table and more talk about our contributions as business leaders and forging ahead.

The HR ship has set sail after taking a few years to turn and the engines are running at full speed.  I worked my company’s booth during the conference and as a member of the Press Team I worked in “The Hive” at the Smart Bar.  Attitudes were positive and people actually wanted to learn more about our company (not simply picking up booth swag) and learn how to leverage social media in their personal and professional lives.  They also had all sorts of technology related questions and career transition questions too.  It’s the Smart Bar, frankly they could ask us anything.  During one of my shifts, an attendee told me she was renewed by the impact HR professionals are making today and she was attending the conference to learn more and network to land a position in HR in Chicago.

There was an overall calming force and feeling that we are not afraid to state the obvious, join conversations about the hard topics and more importantly – be bolder, better, stronger leaders!

Hillary Clinton’s speech was quite fitting as the opening keynote, she is the embodiment of GIRL POWER and leadership.  As Hank Jackson, CEO of SHRM stated, she has held many positions as the first female (fill in the blank) of our time.  She is a women’s rights activist, beacon of hope to our little girls and she encouraged us to forge ahead!

“You can’t win if you don’t show up.” – Hillary Clinton, 2013 SHRM Annual Conference

Bolder. Better. Stronger. – SHRM

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