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Teela Jackson has over ten years of experience primarily in talent acquisition and is a panelist and featured speaker for various industries, associations and universities.  As a results-driven professional, Teela has successfully partnered with organizations to identify key talent for full-time, consulting and interim needs.  She has played a key role in acquiring scalable, global and multi-functional talent for organizations in various industries.  She is the Director of Talent Delivery at Talent Connections in Atlanta, GA and has previously worked as an internal recruiting consultant for CIGNA Healthcare, Georgia-Pacific and Turner Broadcasting.

Teela is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management-Atlanta Chapter and currently serves as President-Elect.  She has also been the recipient of numerous SHRM-Atlanta Presidential Leadership Awards and was awarded the 2010 SHRM-Georgia State Council Volunteer of the Year: Georgia Peach Award.  Additionally, Jackson is a member of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) and she participates in the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

Teela has been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on WXIA-TV 11Alive News, US News Careers and consults with organizations about leveraging social media as a key marketing strategy.

Teela earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Management from Mercer University in Atlanta and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources from The University of Tennessee – Martin.


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  1. Chandra Williams #

    Teela, Teela, Teela!! <<<–I'm chanting this…I am so proud right now. All smiles over here.

  2. Bob Reissiger #

    Hi Teela,

    Thanks for the heads up on your blog… I look forward to other posts!!


  3. Bob Reissiger #


    Is this a blog that would be open to questions from readers?


    • Teela Jackson #

      Yes, we are open to questions from readers. The blog is catered more to those that are currently in the recruiting/HR profession or looking to transition into the Recruiting/HR space. Thanks for asking and for your support, Bob!

  4. 5

    Oh wow! I didn’t know this was you and Chris! Kudos… I will check in more often now. (Smile)

    • Teela Jackson #

      Yes, it’s us. Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Crystal Wilburn #

    Good Evening Chris and Teela,

    My name is Crystal L. Wilburn, I recently relocated to Atlanta (April 1, 2012) to pursue my passion in Training and Development. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Psychology with a specialization in I-O Psychology and have also been considering becoming certified in Learning and Development through the ASTD.

    I am a member of the ASTD and am considering the CPLP to streamline my interests within my passion within the I-O specialization. The flip side to all of what you’ve read thus far is that I am unemployed, after 16 years of service to my previous employer (The City of Detroit Workforce Development Dept.) I was let go due to the economic downturn of not only the department but the entire city government industry in Detroit Michigan.

    Teela, my passion is people and seeing an organization’s workforce move forward through motivating its number one and greatest commodity and asset; the human resource. I believe that I can be a motivational catalyst within the lives of many employees that feel underdeveloped, underemployed, and most of all underpaid through employee motivation through training.

    Although I’m not employed yet, I believe being on the other side of the fence of employment also gives me the leverage of understanding what it is each person, both the employed, as well as the unemployed endure daily.

    While employed with The City of Detroit, I was chosen as a part of a mayoral initiative to facilitate a Customer Service Training Protocol, a 4-hour course/workshop intended to look at the City’s core customer service and departmental values, and implement those values into the employees’ daily work environment in order to maintain and restore trust in the city’s core services.

    I am looking to transition into employee motivation and development, whether that is within the field of HR/recruitment, it could be added in order to retain the human resource within organizations, however, my focus is more on the individual and not the corporation.

    I look forward to hearing from you in this regard, I will also be sending a copy of my resume to you, Ms. Jackson as well.

    Crystal Wilburn, BBA

    • Teela Jackson #

      Crystal – Thanks for your message. I will email you directly to discuss your job search in Atlanta. -Teela

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