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Teela Jackson Dishes On Staying Employed in US News Careers

Recruiter Chicks very own Teela Jackson shared some great tips on the secrets to staying employed recently with US News Careers!

Teela describes how important it is to not only maintain a strong network, but to create and maintain an employer community network.  Most importantly,you shouldn’t wait until your unemployed to do this!!  She also goes on to describe some of the steps we should all be taking to make sure we have “Job Search Insurance”…

Be sure to check out the sage advice Teela shared with Miriam Salpeter in this fabulous blog post at US News Careers!



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03 2012

Chris Havrilla featured in US News Careers

Our very own Chris Havrilla is featured in today’s US News Careers blog and she speaks about using several tools in your job search, including job boards.

As many of you know, there is talk of job boards being dead because of all the new tools that have hit the market over the past five years.  Many of these are social media tools, which too are effective when used as a part of your job search strategy, not as the only tool.

Chris goes on to give great suggestions to job seekers about using job boards, following up with the Recruiter after applying for a position and mastering the applicant tracking system among others.

Let’s face it, job boards are not dead.  Whether you’re a Recruiter or a Jobseeker it is a great tool in your kit.  Not the only tool, but a great one.

Check out Chris’ quotes in Miriam Salpeter’s blog post at US News Careers:

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07 2011